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Dialogys 3.50 Full Version




reinstalling, (clean, uninstall, install again) I need to get a clean installation and try it again. Any ideas on why it isn't working? is it maybe b/c I have no SDR? The only person I have that knows anything about this is Abit, and he's on holiday this week. EDIT: It's actually for my iPod nano. Last edited by vavacav (5/7/07 9:43 PM) When man created something, God was present. When man un-creeped something, God was present. When man obliterated something, God was present. When man wiped his ass with something, God was present. If you're not sure whether something was created, creeped, obliterated, or wiped your ass with, you're probably the baddest mutha in the game. This is weird. I can't find anything on this board about this, I would expect it to be around a ton of topics, but I can't find it. I have the DMO and I was under the impression that it had no issues with iPods, so I used it and it works great. One thing I did notice though was that it's case sensitive. In addition to the installation guide, you can also download the manual from the DMO page here. It should have a.exe in the executable folder. What happens when you run it? If it doesn't launch, go to the directory where the program is, right click on the executable, select "Run As Administrator" and try again. I can't open the installer at all, everytime I try to launch it, I get a dialog box saying: "The action could not be completed because an open file or directory is in use. Close any programs you have that don't use this file or folder, and then try again. I get an error too: "Windows can not access the directory file \data\



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Dialogys 3.50 Full Version

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